98% IAA Auxin, Indole-Acetic Acid Powder

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Organic Yes
Form powder
Material Basis Organic
Type Bloom Stimulators & Boosters
Ingredients IAA
Expiry Date 1 year
Packaging Bottle
Compatible Plant Type All Purpose, Berry, Cereal, Foliage Plant, Forage Plant, Fruit, Garden Plant, Legume, Medicinal Plant, Mushroom
Brand ThePlantGrowthCompany




 tradenames rhizopon.

IAA 98% Auxin


This product should be used with other PGRs to get the best and the heaviest fruits


IAA Auxin Indole Acetic Acid 98% Powder plays a variety of physiological role:


Used to stimulate cuttings and roots


IAA Auxin can induce cell elongation and cell division with all subsequent results for plant growth and development


IAA Auxin serves as a Cell division and cell elongation


IAA Auxin serves as signaling molecules necessary for development of plant organs and coordination of growth


IAA plays a key role in both root and shoot development


IAA Auxin also induces sugar and mineral accumulation at the site of application


IAA Auxin induces the formation and organization of xylem and phloem. When the plant is injured, the auxin can induce the cell

differentiation and regeneration of the vascular tissues




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