EDDHA-Fe 6% Liquid

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Chelated Iron Fertilizer EDDHA-Fe 6% for yellow leaf crop

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Type EDHHA-Fe 6% Liquid
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Country/Region of Manufacture United Kingdom

Pure EDDHA-Fe 6% Liquid

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EDDHA-Fe is mainly used as trace elements fertilizer in agriculture and being catalyst in chemical industry and purifier in water treatment.
This product's effect is much higher than the general inorganic iron fertilizer.
It can help crop to avoid suffering iron deficiency, which may caused the "yellow leaf disease, white leaf disease, dieback, shoot blight" and other deficiency symptoms.
It make the crop come back to be green, and increase crop yields, improve quality, enhance resilience disease resistance and promote early maturity.
Peanut for example,the mesophyll of new leaf on the top will loss green and down spread when peanut is lack of iron.part of leaf vein become chlorosis and little residual green between leaf vein in the initial stage,but it's also chlorosis and being whiten seedlin if becoming serious.




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