Dry A & B Feed For Veg & Flowering


Same As General Hydroponics MaxiGro & MaxiBloom

Size of A & B Feed
eg If you order 250g/250g you will get 250g of A Feed and 250g of B Feed
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Form Dry Feed
Ingredients See Pictures
Expiry Date 3 Years
Packaging Bag
Brand The Plant Growth Company


For Plants In Veg & Flowering

  • Max-Grow and Max-Bloom are stand-alone, water-soluble, dry concentrated nutrients
  • Max-Grow and Max-Bloom will provide superior results when used with a wide variety of crops in all hydroponic, soil or soil-based growing environments
  • Use to encourage growth of seedlings and cuttings and to stimulate rapid growth through the vegetative growth stage
  • pls use a ppm pen to reach the ppm needed
  • we are always here for a chat if you need help
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