Brassinolide Natural PGR BOOSTER Hydroponics Nutrient


( 174719028900 )


PROFESSIONAL YIELD BOOSTER. Plant Strengthening Substance

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Organic Yes
Form Powder
Material Basis Organic
Expiry Date 1 years
Packaging Bag
Compatible Plant Type All Purpose, Berry, Cereal, Foliage Plant, Forage Plant, Fruit, Garden Plant, Legume, Medicinal Plant, Mushroom
Brand TheplantGrowthCompany









Brassinolide plays a variety of physiological role:


Promotion of cell expansion and cell elongation;Works with auxin to do so


It has an unclear role in cell division and cell wall regeneration


Promotion of vascular differentiation; BR signal transduction has been studied during vascular differentiation

Is necessary for pollen elongation for pollen tube formation


Acceleration of senescence in dying tissue cultured cells; delayed senescence in BR mutants supports that this action may be biologically relevant


Can provide some protection to plants during chilling and drought stress.

Encourages new root growth.




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