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Hydroponic Nutrients

Are you tired of paying for expensively packaged hydroponic nutrients? Are you frustrated handing over good money for plant growth hormones that don’t even work? At The Plant Growth Company we create high-quality but affordable products that will give your plants an actual boost!

We’re passionate plant growers just like you and we were tired of paying crazy prices for products that had a marginal effect. So, we decided to create our own line of hydroponic nutrients and plant growth hormones – and the results have been fantastic.

Customers love our products because they make a real difference and we have managed to grow our company into what is today – simply through word of mouth and referrals. You’ll be amazed at the difference our products make, and our low prices mean you won’t have to risk a lot to try them!

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I can't recommend The Plant Growth Company highly enough, they have saved me over 80% on hydro feed and plant growth regulators, and more than that my plants are huge!








Grapes grown with our Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponic Nutrients

Give your plants the essential elements they need to grow and thrive with our hydroponic nutrients. Our specially formulated PK 52-34 boosters will give your plants all the nutrients they need to produce incredible flowering results.

Our Cal-Mag feeds will also correct any deficiencies and ensure that your plants stray strong and healthy. All of our products are available in liquid form and dry form with helpful instructions so you can care for your plants the best way.

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Carrots grown with our Organic plant feeds.

Organic Feeds

Do you feed your plants a strictly organic diet? You can still give your plants all the nutrients they need without resorting to mineral products. Our organic fulvic acid fertilisers will keep your plants strong and give you great yields.

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Plants grown with our Plant growth hormones, Hydroponic Nutrients and PGR's

Plant Growth Hormones

We sell a number of plant growth hormones or PGRs in liquid and powdered form. Our Triacontanol products will support photosynthesis, increase absorption rates and produce bigger yields. Whilst our gibberellic acid (GA3) boosters will increase the size and quality of your crops.

If you’re looking for bigger roots then we have Indole-3 bud boosters and Auxin powders. We’ve got everything you need to produce strong, healthy and high yielding plants.

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We've Got the Lowest Prices

There’s no need to pay inflated prices for expensive packaging and brand names. We are a small family run company and we want to give our customers real value for money. This is reflected in the prices of our products, which are the lowest on the market.

Our Products Work

Have you ever purchased a hydroponic nutrient or plant growth hormone/PGR and regretted it because it didn’t have much effect? Thousands of customers have grown healthier and stronger plants simply through using our products. You can have complete confidence when buying from us.

We Care About Our Customers

We are here to help you grow strong, healthy and high yield plants. We provide helpful instructions on all of our products and we offer quick, responsive customer service if you have any questions or queries about our nutrients and plant growth hormones/PGRs.





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I am from Philippines and I've got my order Alpha Arbutin, the cheapest product from the UK yet super effective. Seller is very accommodating and responsive. So I'm giving The Plant Growth Company five stars!

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